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Rent a car in Belgrade used to be very expensive - however with the introduction of market economy in Serbia the competition increased significantly thereby lowering the prices and widening the choice. Most of the Belgrade rent a car companies today are also equipped with GPS and there is no worry anymore that you will get lost or that you will be left alone on the road. From recently many companies enabled the possibility to book online and get a quote and the whole process runs smoothly. We have chosen some of the most reliable car rentals in Serbia and here is the short description:

Budget Rent a Car Belgrade

Belgrade Rent a Car Budget

The company offers wide range of vehicles. Special conditions for long term rentals available currently at favourable... Learn More

Fudeks Rent a Car Belgrade

Rent a Car Fudeks Beograd

Fudeks rent a car Belgrade agency offers short and long term car rentals at extremely favourable... Learn More

Omnibus Car Rental Serbia

Omnibus rent-a-car Belgrade

Omnibus Rent a Car fleet offers variety of vehicles as well as minibuses and buses. Currently this rent a car offers... Learn More

Skill rent a car Belgrade

Skill rent a car Belgrade

Skill car rental Serbia offers various kinds of vehicles suited for everyone's needs. This includes van, jeep... Learn More

Sixt Rent a Car Belgrade

Sixt rent-a-car Belgrade

SIXT rent a car was founded in 1912. in Germany. Today offer services worldwide in 4.000 rental stations. In Serbia, SIXT is N01 rent a car... Learn More

Mark Blue Rent a Car Belgrade

Blue rent a car Belgrade

Blue Rent a Car in Belgrade, is primarily rent a car company and offers... Learn More

Bel Rent a Car Belgrade

Bel rentacar Belgrade

Bel rent a car offers various kinds of vehicles suited for everyone's needs. This includes... Learn More

Dolce vita Rent a Car Belgrade

Dolce vita Rent a Car Belgrade

Dolce vita Rent a car Belgrade offers the most favorable services with variety of vehicles... Learn More


Rent a Car in Belgrade

Rent-a-car Belgrade

Car hire in Belgrade is an easy task if you use an international company such as Budget rent-a-car, Skill rentacar or similar. Cars range from... Learn More

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The Serbian cuisine (and not only cuisine) was formed under the influence of all the cultures that lived in Belgrade throughout history... Learn More