Accommodation FAQ - Hotels, Hostels, Apartments

Is booking of Belgrade hotels through Belgrade Eye safe?

Thank you for using our hotels reservation system. In cooperation with our partner, Belgrade eye has enabled you to make online booking of accommodation within the chosen Belgrade hotels. Our partner is owned by (Nasdaq:PCLN) and it is Europe's leading online hotel reservations agency, attracting over 20 million unique visitors every month. The reservation system security is guaranteed by our partner and all information submitted is encrypted. Additionally, your privacy is fully guaranteed and Belgrade eye will not disclose or use your information in any way, except for occasionally letting you know of the changes taking place on our website or in our offer.

Which hotels in Serbia does Belgrade Eye recommend?

Hotels in Belgrade range from traditional Belgrade hotels, such as Moscow Hotel Belgrade and Hotel Balkan to new, western-style Belegrade hotels such as Hotel Aleksandar Palas, Hotel Admiral and Mr. President design hotel.
Belgrade Eye strives to provide you with as much information on Belgrade Hotels as possible, and we will continuously update these pages. Where you choose to stay depends on your specific requirements and budget, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

What are the cheap Belgrade hotels?

Of all the hotels that you will find on our website that are located in the city center, the least expensive is hotel Royal. If you are interested in booking a room in this hotel please visit our hotel booking page.

Which of all hotels listed on Belgrade eye website are in the city center?

The following are the central Belgrade hotels: Hotel Union, Hotel Royal, Aleksandar Palas, Hotel Rex, Hotel Posta, Hotel Prag, Hotel Licej Klub and Hotel Admiral.

Which hotels in Belgrade have a swimming pool?

For all information about hotel facilities either read our rough guide to hotels in Serbia to find out more details about each hotel.

Belgrade Hostels FAQ

Since hostels in Belgrade are a relatively new phenomenon we will spend some time here explaining this industry in more detail.

What exactly are youth hostels?

A youth hostel is a form of cheap accommodation. Hostels vary in form and capacity a lot - from tiny little flats with 3 beds to modern hotel-like buildings. Besides offering very cheap accommodation such as hostelling in dorms, many hostels have incorporated apartments or rooms with en suite facilities (bathrooms in rooms) in their offer as well.

Yes, but why choose a youth hostel?

A hostel is the place to stay if one cares about:

Price - staying in dormitories can save significant sums of money that can be spent on more interesting things, and even private rooms are considerably cheaper in hostels than in hotels or apartments in Belgrade as well as anywhere else.

Location - Most Belgrade hostel owners are aware that their guests are tired of long trips and therefore they generally try to position their guesthouses very centrally and, in many cases, close to the Belgrade train station.

Fun - One good thing about a youth hostel is its truly international character and friendly vibe. Staying at a hotel would never provide you with an opportunity to meet so many people who share your view of life and idea of having a good time. At the same time, many hostels offer the equivalent, or even higher, comfort than a budget hotel while giving you a chance to make new friends.

Do youth hostels in Belgrade have an age restriction?

It may be an oxymoron, but today the phrase youth hostel in most cases refers to all age hostel. The fact that most of summer backpackers are students doesn't mean that others are not welcome at hostels.

Are Quentin Tarantino's movies ("The Hostel") right about the character of East European hostels? Are Belgrade hostels more dangerous than budget hotels in Belgrade or other types of budget accommodation?

Definitely not. Our experience is that, while many hostel guests like to have a drink or two on their journeys or during their stay at Belgrade hostels (not surprising, given the high quality and very low price or Belgrade beer), hardly anyone ever causes any discomfort to others. Now, it is not guaranteed that you will like the people staying at the hostel in Belgrade at the particular time of your visit, but there is a general atmosphere of respect and understanding among travelers staying at hostels (after all, they've all been sleepy and tired at some point or other). If you would like to be absolutely sure you are undisturbed in your rest, you can always book a private room in a hostel or one of Belgrade hotels.

Do hostels have a curfew?

A curfew is when guests need to return to the hostel at some time in the evening, after which the hostel is locked until morning. Most hostels today don't have curfews, but bear in mind that this does not mean that they have a 24 hour reception or that checking in is possible at any time of day or night. Always check what a hostel's check-in time is before your arrival. Hostels that you will find on Belgrade eye guide are mostly following this trend.

Who are backpackers?

Backpackers are travelers who usually travel without any kind of intermediaries (such as tourist agencies), enabling them to have very flexible traveling plans. This type of tourism usually includes very limited budget, thereby making cheap hotel & hostel accommodation the highest priority. Savings achieved through low hostel & hotel rates and cheap transportation tickets (mainly trains, buses, low cost airlines, boats, but also hitchhiking and walking if necessary) enable a backpacker to see many places while meeting like-minded people (possible travel companions) and widening her or his horizons.

Will everybody try to steal my backpack / belongings?

It is true that if you travel alone and stay in a shared room, security should definitely be one of your primary concerns. Therefore, many youth hostels today have safe lockers. Some hostels in Belgrade go one step further and make backpack-size lockers as well as safety deposit boxes for storing small valuables.

Are hostels in Serbia opened all year?

If a hostel is located in a city where there is a high seasonal effect on tourism (such as Belgrade), it is usually closed between November and April or even June. Nevertheless, some places prefer to stay open even if it means less business and provide backpackers traveling off the beaten path a place to stay in off-season. Most of the hostels that you will find on Belgrade eye website are opened all year.

Can I prepare meals at Belgrade hostels?

In line with their philosophy of saving their guests as much money as possible, most hostels have self-catering kitchens where guests can prepare their own food. Most of hostels in Belgrade even provide free hot drinks - tea and coffee are free of charge in any quantities and throughout the day/night.

Do hostels in Serbia provide linen and towels?

Virtually every hostel in the world provides linen and towels - and today, most of them do it for free. If you have different or even contrary experience to us - please share it with us as we would like to try to make you as much comfortable as possible.

What is the difference between independent hostels and those who are members of Hostelling International organization and which do you recommend?

Hostelling international is just a union of hostels that requires hostels to fulfill certain conditions. Most Belgrade visitors do not prefer hostelling international since it offers the same outlook and service in the whole world. On the other hand, if you use a hostel that is a member of Hostelling International you are guaranteed certain minimal quality standards and more distance from other guests - if you are going for this we recommend hostelling international.

How would you compare hostels in Belgrade to hostels in Sarajevo or any other neighboring country?

Although they are a recent phenomenon, hostels in Belgrade are well developed compared to the neighboring countries. This is mainly a consequence of media emphasis on this type of accommodation in Serbia - especially B92 media house - which on numerous occasions tried to enhance the development of Belgrade hostels in their effort to preserve their alternative and youthful image. We thank them for this and hope that this type of accommodation in Serbia will continue to be popularized by local media.

Does Belgrade Eye guarantee my reservation?

When making a reservation you are creating a contract between yourself and the accommodation provider. Of course - your accommodation provider guarantees your reservation and if you are interested in that please read our terms and conditions. is a publisher and advertiser of accommodation and other services in Belgrade and Serbia and does not bear any liability arising from the cancellation of your reservations or any other harm caused by either party.