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Belgrade Eye City Guide - Concerts, festivals and music events in Belgrade and Serbia

Concerts & festivals

Music Festivals and Concerts in Belgrade Guca Brass Festival Dragacevo Brass Festival (Guca) - AKA the Serbian Woodsto...


Film and Theater Festivals and Events in Belgrade, Serbia

Film & theater

Art Events and Festivals in Belgrade FEST FEST - Belgrade International Film Festival - A well-known and popular fes...


Belgrade Eye City Guide - Sports events in Belgrade and Serbia


Sports Events in Belgrade Belgrade Sport Fest Belgrade Sport Fest - A yearly festival taking place in late May or early Jun...


Exit Fest Novi Sad, Serbia - Festival Guide

Exit festival

EXIT FESTIVAL Novi Sad was held 10-14th July 2013, info on Exit festival 2014 coming soon Exit Fest - The mamma of all festiv...


New Year in Belgrade - Book Belgrade hotels and hostels online and free of charge

New year

2016 New Year's in Belgrade So you're thinking about what to do with your Christmas holidays - you've only got so many days,...

Events in Belgrade

This section guides you through the numerous events taking place in Belgrade on a (more or less) regular basis. This should help you plan your trip carefully, as you can make your timing fit your interests, cultural or other (I mean, who else but a film buff would think of coming to visit in February?) We have grouped the events into categories: concerts and destivals, sports, film and theater, Exit Festival and New Year in Belgrade, but we suggest you take a look at the categories outside your main area of interest too, since many of these festivals combine different experiences (For instance, you will definitely enjoy the Belgrade Beer Fest even if you are not a bearded, pot-bellied, red-cheeked male, and the Belgrade Sport Fest is just too much fun to be missed under the excuse that you're not into sports). Also if you are intested in staying in in Belgrade please visit our sections on Belgrade apartments