Belgrade Colleges and Universities

Serbia is already well known for vast number of great experts living and working mostly in America and EU. One of the reasons for this is the strictness of the educational system which produced at the time significant number of top professionals in various fields. Recently new governments undertook significant changes in order to upgrade and align educational system with the market needs. Since the change of regime in 2000 - the pillars of new educational system were set mainly by Bologna process but also the needs of special groups, minorities, as well as business needs.

Here you can find a list of major univeristies and colleges in Belgrade:

University of Belgrade

University of Belgrade - Univerzitet u Beogradu, Beogradski univerzitet
Address: Studentski trg 1, 11000 Beograd
Phone: +381 11 3207400

Faculty of Architecture, Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 73, tel 3370199
Faculty of Biology, Studentski trg 16, tel 635627
Faculty for Special Education and Rehabilitation, Visokog Stevana 2, tel 183056
Faculty of Economy, Kamenicka 6, tel 3021022
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 73, tel 3248464
Faculty of Sports and Physical Education, Blagoja Parovica 156, tel 555466
Faculty of Security Studies, Gospodara Vucica 50, tel 2451843
Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Jove Ilica 154, tel 3950800
Faculty of Political Sciences, Jove Ilica 165, tel 3976422
Faculty of Physical Chemistry, Studentski trg 12-16, tel 636269
Faculty of Pharmacy, Vojvode Stepe 450, tel 3970379
Faculty of Philology, Studentski trg 3, tel 638666
Faculty of Philosophy, Cika Ljubina 20, tel 3206116
Faculty of Physics, Studentski trg 12, tel 3281375
Faculty of Geography, Studentski trg 3 tel. 636269
Faculty of Civil Engineering, Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 73, tel 3218-553
Faculty of Chemistry, Studentski trg 12, tel 3282111
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Kraljice Marije 16, tel 3370760
Faculty of Mathematics, Studentski trg 16, tel 2027855
Faculty of Medicine, Dr Subotica 8, tel 3616117
Faculty of Agriculture, Nemanjina 6, Zemun, tel 615315
Faculty of Law, Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 67, tel 3027600
Faculty of Mining and Geology, Djusina 7, tel 3238832
Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, Vojvode Stepe 305, tel 3976017
Faculty of Stomatology, Dr Subotica 8, tel 685288
Faculty of Forestry, Kneza Viseslava 1, tel 553122
Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, Karnedzijeva 4, tel 3370426
Teacher Training Faculty, Kraljice Natalije 43, tel 3615225
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Bul. oslobodjenja 18, tel 3615436
Faculty of Orthodox Theology, Mije Kovacevica 11b, tel. 2762958

Svetozar Markovic University Library
Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 71, tel 3370509

Alfa Univeristy

Alfa Univerisy - ex Braca Karic University, BK University
Palmira Toljatija 3, 11070 Novi Beograd
Phone: +381 11 2604 022

Faculty of Management
Palmira Toljatija 3, tel 2604 995

Faculty of Trade and Banking
Palmira Toljatija 3, tel 2609 754

Academy of Arts
Nemanjina 28, 11000 Beograd, tel 3618715

Faculty of Management in Sport
Vase Pelagica 23, Belgrade, tel 3692471

Faculty of Economics and Political sciences
Palmira Toljatija 5, Novi Beograd, tel 2692215

Faculty of Foreign Languages
Palmira Toljatija 5, Novi Beograd tel 2695211

Institute for Strategic Studies and Development
Palmira Toljatija 3, Novi Beograd, tel 2605353

Institute for Small and Medium-sized Companies
Vase Pelagica 23, Belgrade, tel: 3692184

European Univeristy

Evropski Univerzitet, Beograd
Carigradska 28, tel 3341583

Fakultet za inzenjerski internacionalni menadzment
Carigradska 28, tel 3228821

Fakultet za evropski biznis i marketing
Vojvode Dobrnjca 15, tel 3392992

Fakultet za menadzment malih i srednjih preduzeca
Venizelosova 31, tel 3392456

Institut za americki biznis - MBA univerzitet
Cetinjska 2, tel 3225844

Medicinska akademija - US Medical School
Tadeusa Koscuska 63, tel 3036880


MEGATREND - Univeriztet primenjenih nauka
Bulevar umetnosti 29, tel. 2147208

Fakultet za poslovne studije - Megatrend
Bulevar umetnosti 29, tel. 2147208

Geoekonomski fakultet - Megatrend
Bulevar umetnosti 29, tel. 2147208

Fakultet za drzavnu upravu i administraciju
Bulevar umetnosti 29, tel. 2147208

Fakultet za kulturu i medije
Bulevar umetnosti 29, tel. 2147208

Fakultet za umetnost i dizajn - Megatrend
Knez Mihailova 52, tel. 2628326

Singidunum University

Univerzitet Singidunum, Beograd
Danijelova 32, tel. 3093216

Fakultet za finansijski menadzment i osiguranje - Singidunum
Danijelova 32, tel. 3093206

Fakultet za poslovnu informatiku - Singidunum
Danijelova 32, tel. 3093208

Fakultet za turisticki i hotelijerski menadzment
Danijelova 32, tel. 3093-207

Fakultet za ekonomiju, finansije i administraciju
Bulevar vojvode Misica 43, tel. 3066670

Fakultet za primenjenu ekologiju Futura
Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 79, tel. 3808204

Fakultet za medije i komunikacije
Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 79, tel. 2424800

Union University

Univerzitet Union, Beograd
Cara Dusana 62-64, tel. 2180287

Fakultet za graditeljski menadzment
Cara Dusana 62-64, tel. 2180271

Fakultet za dizajn
Visoka 29, tel. 3543136

Fakultet za preduzetnicki biznis
Cara Dusana 62-64, tel. 2180287

Racunarski fakultet
Knez Mihailova 6, tel. 2633321

Beogradska bankarska akademija
Zmaj Jovina 12, tel. 2621730

Fakultet za menadzment nekretnina
Cara Dusana 62-64, tel. 3286963

Belgrade University of Arts

Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Bulevar umetnosti 20, Novi Beograd, tel. 2135684
Faculty of Fine Arts, Pariska 16, tel. 2630635
Faculty of Music Arts, Kralja Milana 50, tel. 2659466
Faculty of Applied Arts, Kralja Petra I 4, tel. 3285065
Student Center, Svetozara Markovica 56, tel. 3637200

Other Faculties in Belgrade

Fakultet informacionih tehnologija
Trg Republike 3, tel. 3287540

Akademija lepih umetnosti
Takovska 49a, tel. 2763434

Military Academy - Vojna akademija
Pavla Jurisica Sturma 33, tel. 3603247

Police Academy - Policijska akademija
Zemun, Cara Dusana 196, tel. 3161444

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