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Belgrade After Dark

If there's one thing that Belgrade does not lack, it is places to go out. In fact, the nightlife here is probably on a par with much bigger (and far more popular!) cities - the selection of bars, pubs, cafes, and clubs is too vast for a comprehensive listing to be made here, so instead what you will find here is a set of general guidelines, our recommendations and advice on what you can expect to find where, and a limited but growing list of places and their essential details in the address book. One of the advantages of Belgrade nightlife is that city is pretty safe so you can go basically anywhere at any time. Even in nineties during the authoritarian regime in Serbia - Belgrade was still relatively safe place to go out and have some fun with the nicest women on planet. If you are not taking accommodation in center of Belgrade - one additional advantage compared to neighboring countries is that the prices of Belgrade Taxis are relatively low and if you are taking regular registered company you can have cheap drive to your hotel at any time.

If you are coming to Belgrade to party, we PROMISE that you will not be disappointed.