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Sunset bar - Belgrade clubbing

Address: Ada Ciganlija 9, 11000 Belgrade
Location: 10 min from Center by car Telephone: (+381 63) 807 32 10
Open: 09-02 h

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Club Description

One of the nicest places in Belgrade is definitely Belgrade lake Ada Ciganlija. Besides the numerous playgrounds for almost any sport you can imagine, the Belgrade Lake has numerous cafes and restaurants. Most of these places serve as a venue to relax during the day and most of them close at 10 pm.

However, there are few places that are true oasis for having great fun during the night and definitely one of the best clubs on Ada Lake is Sunset.
Besides perfect Serbian food (basically all kinds of grill, beans, sarma, lamb and veal “ispod saca”, the place has ideal park for your children.

At one point in time - the place starts transforming from relaxed place for daily coffee into one of the best places for nightlife in the city. This is the only café in the city that has live music every night.  The place is actually an example that if there is a will there is always a way to create the positive atmosphere, great service, great choice, different programs every day and to transform the place from café to nightclub on daily basis.  This is also one of the closest place to center of Belgrade where during the summer nights you can get some refreshment from the heat that sometimes in unbearable in the city center.  

One of the problems people mention when they visit the place is the fact that it is a little bit hidden and that it is sometimes hard to find it. If you have problems please use the following map and I belive you will be able to avoid this problem. The location of the place is Ada Ciganlija local number 9 on  “Makiska” side.

If you would like to book your table (which you have to do during the weekends if you are planning to sit because the place can be packed), please use the following phone number +.381 63 807 32 10

Excellent for: anyone who wants to relax during the day or to have great fun in evening with live music that will not make you deaf.. Very centrally located and close to many Belgrade hotels

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Sunset Belgrade Restaurant Sunset Restaurant Restaurant Sunset Sunset Belgrade


If you want to find more information please call the following phone number (+381 63) 807 32 10

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