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Suri - Belgrade Restaurant

Address: Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 44a, 11000 Belgrade
Location: New Belgrade

Telephone: (+381 11) 311 0 943

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suri restaurant

Restaurant Description

SURI is a National House restaurant that hides secrets and truths about food from Kopaonik mountain region and drinks from Župa region prepared in traditional way and with contemporary flavors.

SURI prepares 192 special dishes and drinks that are made, named and prepared in unique way with lots of dedication and love.

The meaning of word SURI is WOLF and represents the commitment of the house to live in clean nature and to prepare food only from natural sources.

SURI is a National House, which prepares dishes using recipes from past centuries, dating back to dynasty of Nemanjić, Emperor Lazar, Miloš Obrenović, all the way to mid-twentieth century.

SURI is a National House where even dishware is made from the same material as Originals were, taking special care on all contemporary ergonomic requirements.


Excellent for: anyone with a high standard for national natural food and comfort, as well as business meals. Located very close to many Belgrade business, close to many Belgrade hotels - check out the map below:

Suri on Belgrade Map (click to enlarge)

Suri Belgrade Restaurant

If you want to find more information please call the following phone number (+381 11) 311 0 943 or or visit the restaurant website.

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