Belgrade beer fest in Belgrade - Belgrade Eye City Guide - Beograd, Srbija

This year Belgrade beer fest will take place at Ušće from 17the to 21st of August. Judging by the intensity of campaign the seventh Beer fest will be the biggest so far.

With over 900,000 visitors in five days, Belgrade Beer Fest„¢ has grown into one of the most recognizable events that Serbia's capital city has to offer. Belgrade Cultural Network is trying each year to improve all the aspects of the festival, while retaining its trademark – entrance free of charge.

Motto of this year's festival is "Fun for All" by which we would like to stress that Belgrade Beer Fest is open to all visitors, both domestic and foreign, and that Belgrade is the city whose hospitality and clemency are known throughout Europe and beyond. We wish to propagate a policy of reconciliation of this region and we want our visitors to socialize, get to know each other and have fun remembering the great picture from the festival, which is certainly one of the greatest values Belgrade Beer Fest is achieving, both for Belgrade and Serbia. This year, according the information from tourism fairs across the Europe, where Tourist Organization of Belgrade and National Tourism Organization of Serbia promote the festival, we are expecting a record number of foreign visitors and visitors in general, and we hope that in five hot August nights a million fans of great fun will visit Beer Festival in Belgrade!

We are proud since this year we will surprise the audience with even better music program, where among other headliners we will have the opportunity to see famous Scottish band 'Simple Minds'. They will, as part of their European tour, perform at Belgrade Beer Fest on August 18th 2011!

Another great name, Marky Ramone, former drummer of the cult band 'The Ramones', will perform with his band 'Marky Ramones Blitzkrieg' on the first day of the festival – that is August 17th 2011!

Again this year, Belgrade Beer Fest is to be held with the support of the City Assembly of Belgrade, the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, Ministry of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning, Tourist Organization of Belgrade and the National Tourism Organization of Serbia.