Vuk Restaurant Belgrade

Vuka Karadžića 12, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Restaurant Vuk named after Vuk Karadzic - Serbian language reformer is located in the hearth of the city - just next to Knez Mihajlova - the major pedestrian street in Belgrade. The restaurant has thirty years of tradition in providing excellent service accompanied with high quality traditional cooking and ethnographic atmosphere. The restaurant facilities have been recently renovated and now the capacity is significantly expanded. However, be sure to make reservation prior to your arrival as the exceptional quality made this Serbian restaurant very favorite among the population. Almost all traditional meals are present at the restaurant menu and we have tried below to capture the widest possible list of meals offered. The restaurant prides itself on very wide choice on their wine list - ranging from domestic Serbian wines such as Smederevka and Plemenka all the way to various imported wines. If you want to try some of the deserts the restaurant offers really wide choice and some of the popular deserts include: Serbian Walnut Pie, Sour Cherry or Apple Pie, Chocolate Cake, Hazelnut Cake, Pancakes With Walnuts And Jam, Tiramisu, Date and many others.

Our tip for this restaurant is to go for Gibanica (special type of Serbian traditional cheese pie). The restaurant prepares this Serbian specialty very well. If you want to learn more about the real traditional food check out the restaurant menu below.

Recommended for: anybody who wants traditional Serbian food at the city center.

Featured meals from Restaurant menu

Cold Starters:

  • Green Peppers Stufed with cheese
  • Green Peppers Stuffed with meat
  • Hum Stuffed With Kajmak And Horseradish
  • Baked Beans in Serbian Style
  • Boiled Tongue
  • Kajmak - fermented milk cream
  • Assorted white Cheese
  • Low Fat Sarma
  • Veal Meat Aspic
  • Cold Goose Liver


  • Beef Soup
  • Creamed Veal Soup
  • Nettle Broth
  • Fish Soup

Main dishes:

  • Veal Ribic With Mushrooms
  • Saute Stroganoff
  • Cooked Cabbage With Meat
  • Veal Stew
  • Green vegetables With Veal or Lamb
  • Meatballs
  • Baked Beans With Sausage
  • Cabbage with Beef
  • French Beans with Meat
  • Pilaf With Veal
  • Potato And Beef stew
  • Breaded Calf's Feet
  • Beans With Smoked Pork Ribs And Bacon
  • Beef Cutlet in Hunters Style
  • Tripe in Sauce


  • Serbian Salad
  • Spring Onion
  • Lettuce Salad
  • Homemade Ajvar
  • Baked Green Peppers
  • Tomato Salad
  • Radish
  • Fresh Cabbage
  • Tomato and Cheese salad
  • Fresh Cucumber
  • Tartar Salad
  • Serbian salad With Cheese
  • Baked Hot Green Peppers In Oil
  • Red Beets
  • Fresh Hot Green Peppers

If you want to find more information please call the following phone number (+381 11) 2629761 or visit the official website of this restaurant:

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